To renew your strength and complete relaxation, the complex has a wonderful SPA-center, unique in its capabilities and level of service. Modern technologies, the best specialists and exclusive service.

  • Health Center

    The structural organization of the center and a comprehensive approach to the development of individual programs will help you improve physical activity, well-being, regain strength, cleanse the body of toxins, lose extra pounds and be happy with your appearance.

  • Three types of baths are guaranteed

    improved functioning of organs and systems of the body, increased metabolism, development of protective and compensatory mechanisms.

    Steam bath

    The steam bath is a great way to relax, regain strength, as well as relieve fatigue and have a great time. The steam bath has no contraindications. Its feature is high humidity and temperature 45oC. The bath helps to restore the skin, relieves stress and strengthens the immune system.

    Steam bath
    Temperature: 45 degrees
    Humidity: 100%
    Stay time: 15-20 minutes
    The procedure is performed in the most comfortable conditions.

    Carpathian baths

    The first baths appeared in ancient Rome. Wealthy people could have a good time there, drinking wine for hours and discussing issues of national importance. The essence of this bath is this - a decoction of herbs falls on the hot stones, after which it evaporates. The high temperature in the room and a comfortable level of humidity allow you to inhale the healing vapors. As a result, the skin softens, muscles relax, and toxic substances and toxins are excreted with sweat.

    Carpathian bath
    Temperature: 60-70 degrees
    Humidity: 30-45%
    Stay time: 7-15 minutes
    Effect: soothing and relaxing
    Comfortable relaxation thanks to gentle moist heating accompanied by a gentle aroma.

    Russian bath

    The benefit of the bath is that it increases metabolism, improves blood circulation and stimulates the cardiovascular system, as well as promotes increased sweating. With sweat all slags and toxins leave an organism. Due to the high temperature, the pores on the body expand, the skin begins to breathe, and the upper dead cells exfoliate. The load in the bath on the cardiovascular system strengthens the heart muscle, reducing the likelihood of heart attack. The elasticity of blood vessels also increases.

    Russian bath
    Temperature: 65-90 degrees
    Humidity: 25-35%
    Stay time: 7-20 minutes
    Intense soaring according to ancient traditions
    Effect: relaxing
    Deep cleansing has a positive effect on the body and nervous system.

    Infrared sauna

    Infrared sauna is a special room in which heating takes place due to the impact on the body of the waves emitted by a special heater. The infrared sauna does not use air heating, only infrared waves. Their action is aimed at soft, gradual warming of the body, so the room temperature is 39-45 ° C. The heat penetrates deeper than in a Finnish sauna or other bath, so infrared sauna is more effective. Visiting it has a positive effect even on people with cardiovascular disease.

    Infrared sauna
    Temperature: 35-45 degrees
    Humidity: 45-50%
    Stay time: 10-30 minutes
    Effect: deep relaxation, increased endurance, maintaining muscle mass and increasing resistance to stressful situations.
    The rays affect the tissues of the body. This promotes sweating at a fairly comfortable temperature.


    Large pool: (20 m by 6 m) with a depth of 1.35-1.55 m;

    Outdoor pool: (6 m by 3 m).



    Relax massage with the use of scented candles
    The active ingredients are scented candles that are 100% natural. They contain almond and coconut, selected shea butter. Due to the interaction of components, the skin is toned, nourished and moisturized.
    Ritual magic:

    • Relaxing aroma candle massage

    60 min - 1700 hryvnias.


    An excellent immunostimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating agent. The positive effect is achieved by increasing blood circulation in the internal organs. Promotes sweating, which leads to the excretion of toxins from the body.
    Ritual magic:

    • Heating and steaming
    • Full body massage with a broom
    • Relax with a cup of fragrant tea
    • 10 min - 300 hryvnias.
      30 min - 900 hryvnias.


    Hammam - the best ambulance for low tone, chronic fatigue, depressed mood, irritability, lack of vitality, colds.
    Ritual magic:

    • Heating and steaming
    • Peeling with a Kesse glove
    • Relax with a cup of fragrant tea
    • Soap massage
    • Relax massage

    60 min - 800 hryvnias.


    A cleansing and relaxing ritual that stimulates skin regeneration and metabolic processes. Has a restorative and antioxidant effect.
    Ritual magic:

    • Heating and steaming
    • Peeling with a Kesse glove
    • Foam massage
    • Relax with a cup of fragrant tea
    • Relaxing massage with LULUR CREAM

    90 min - 1500 hryvnias.


    SAHARA DREAM is a cleansing and relaxing ritual that stimulates skin regeneration and speeds up metabolic processes. Promotes weight loss, has a restorative and antioxidant effect.
    Ritual magic:

    • Heating and steaming
    • Cleansing with Sundari Gotu Kola and Walnat
    • White clay and Pepper White Mud wrap
    • Relax with a cup of fragrant tea
    • Massage with Snelling Body Cream

    90 min - 2800 hryvnias.


    A cleansing and relaxing ritual that stimulates skin regeneration and speeds up metabolic processes. Promotes weight loss, has a restorative and antioxidant effect.
    Ritual magic:

    • Heating and steaming
    • Thermal Gommage Scrub
    • Relax with a cup of fragrant tea
    • Seaweed Mud-enriched seaweed wraps
    • Gerard’s Wave Massage Massage

    90 min - 2100 hryvnias.


    A wonderful cleansing ritual that combines exclusive natural ingredients. Aleppo soap, which consists of bay and olive oil, rejuvenates the skin and makes it amazingly soft and silky.
    Ritual magic:

    • Heating and steaming
    • Scrub with a Kesse glove
    • Applying Aleppo Soap to the whole body
    • Massage with hot bags filled with Himalayan pebbles
    • Relax with a cup of fragrant tea
    • Relaxing massage with LULUR CREAM

    90 min - 1800 hryvnias.

    Therapy with seaweed and medicinal mud

    Therapy with seaweed and therapeutic mud. The procedure is designed for general recovery of the body, weight loss and activation of metabolism. The most valuable ingredient is fucus - a brown algae, which is the main source of iodine and vitamin C, and has strong drainage properties.
    Ritual magic:

    • Thermal Gommage Scrub
    • Freeze-Dried Seaweed
    • Lymphatic drainage massage with Snelling cream
    • Contraindication of hyperthyroidism
    • 90 min - 1500 hryvnias.

    Bath "La Cabra"

    Properties of whey:

    • improves kidney function and normalizes liver function;
    • stimulates the intestines;
    • removes excess fluid from the body, thereby promoting optimal excretion of toxins;
    • helps with rheumatism, hypertension;
    • improves blood circulation and prevents the development of atherosclerosis;
    • reduces inflammatory processes (on the skin, mucous membranes, stomach and intestines);
    • calms the nervous system;
    • promotes the formation and strengthening of immunity;
    • prevents the development of latent forms of hypovitaminosis;
    • exhibits anabolic properties, normalizing body weight;
    • promotes the growth of muscle tissue;

    20 min - 450 hryvnias.

    Aesthetic taping

    Taping is an effective method of rejuvenating and tightening the skin without surgery. Regular taping of the face in cosmetology allows you to achieve pronounced effects

    • Get rid of fine lines
    • Eliminate puffiness and bags under the eyes
    • Eliminate facial wrinkles
    • Tighten the corners of the eyelids
    • reduction of the second chin
    • facial contour modeling

    1 plot - UAH 300
    2 plots - UAH 500
    3 plots - UAH 600


    Head and neck and neck massage - 20 minutes/400 UAH.
    Facial aesthetics (lymphatic drainage + facial massage) - 60 minutes/800 UAH.
    Back massage - 30 minutes/300 UAH.
    Back with an emphasis on the area - 45 minutes/450 UAH.
    Manual abdominal massage - 20 minutes/250 UAH.
    Anti-cellulite vacuum (jar) - 45 minutes/400 UAH.
    Anti-cellulite with bamboo sticks - 45 minutes/500 UAH.
    Anti-cellulite + lifting - 50 minutes/600 UAH.
    Manual lymphatic drainage - 60 minutes/1000 UAH.
    Classic general treatment - 90 minutes/900 UAH.
    Manual connective tissue - 50 minutes/700 UAH.
    General sports - 60 minutes/800 UAH.
    Sports (plot) - 30 minutes/450 UAH.
    Jar (plot) - 30 minutes/200 UAH.
    Individual equipment - 120 minutes/1,500 UAH.